Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi fondly known as “Jokotade” (JOE-KOH-TAH-DAY) is a contemporary, Nigerian-American artist, creative entrepreneur, and speaker who inspires a global audience with her art, words, and voice.

Her journey as a serial entrepreneur and innovator began at an early age of six and for many years, Jokotade struggled with rising above the cultural label – “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Now, with several successful ventures, Jokotade uses her words and voice to inspire other multi-passionate and multi-gifted creatives, teaching them how to choose and embrace their many talents, rise above cultural limitations, focus on impactful goals and live out their potential. Her network of podcasts and talk shows have served audiences in over 100 countries.

After her 15-year career as a creative entrepreneur in event and graphic design which led to brand and art direction, Jokotade picked up her pen again in 2017 to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a world-class artist. She is best known for her iconic use of minimal clean lines to illustrate compelling stories and works with influential brands to elegantly amplify their messaging, grow their reach and extend their impact. Her limited edition work is featured in private collections and her signature illustrations can be found on luxury gifts, stationery, decor and homeware.

When she is not in her studio sketching or writing her latest ideas, she is on a microphone engaging audiences with her inspiring stories. In her quiet moments, she enjoys reading and cooking for her little family of four. She quietly lives and works in Houston, Texas as a proven “Master of Many Trades”.

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